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Here is an extremely easy way to convert Youtube to MP3. Most everyone listens to music on Youtube, I do. I have the Youtube Music App and I listen everyday. Here is an easy and free way to turn Youtube videos into MP3 that you can download into your own library. ClipGrab is free for Mac & Windows. Try it yourself to convert Youtube to MP3.

ClipGrab for Mac,
ClipGrab for Windows,

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  1. I should have known better when I saw that the link went to Softonic. Downloading this thing will download malware that will require multiple steps to remove. If it's from Softonic NEVER download, hence do not download from his links!

  2. That’s a new app for me, I was using Youtube to mp3 which was good until recently where they crammed all these ads and notifications for no good reason. I will be checking this clip grab “toute suite”


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