Top 15 BEST Games like Diablo


Love me a good hack & slash Action RPG so here are my picks for the Top 15 Best games like Diablo!

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Lost Ark ►
Vikings – Wolves of Midgard ►
Din’s Legacy ►
Warhammer: Chaosbane ►
Chronicon ►
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut ►
Book of Demons ►
Last Epoch ►
Victor Vran ARPG ►
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition ►
Grim Dawn ►
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem ►
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr ►
Torchlight II ►
Path of Exile ►
Path of Exile 2 ►

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. Really cool list. Will go back into Wolcen after their July patch. Recently finished season 20 of D3, and started Grim Dawn. This video makes me want to check out Chronicon and Last Epoch

  2. I feel sad whenever i hear the voice line from Wolcen …. is such awesome voice acting and yet beautiful game sadly the game just too buggy, not much end game and bad crafting system is killing the game itself …. such potential but wasted 🙁

  3. I remember this one game that involves a brother and sister who serve a holy order and discover they have powers but I can't remember the name.

    Nvm: Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

  4. Really cool vid man, and just discovered your channel through it.
    Didn't realise there were quite so many games similar to Diablo out there. Gonna check a couple of them out 👍

  5. I have Diablo 3 and i played alot at the time but i nvr realy considerd myself like a Huge Diablo fan like some people(even tho i cant get off of Diablo 3 at the time n liked it best)…But i quess Diablo 3 instills the enjoyment of ARPG in me……cos I got evry game on this video in my steam library except Warhammer 40k Martyr , but i got the newer one Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Prophecy and i jst started playing. Also , i havnt completed any of these games yet cos i have to play Dota every now n then and u know how much time dota demands if u are a dota player,Cheers !!! Lockdown is kinda a blessing in disguise for gamers cos u gotta lot of time to play lol !!!

  6. Lost Ark isn't even worth mentioning anymore. God only knows if or when it will ever arrive at this point and by the time it does finally arrive it will probably be irrelevant. If I were the devs I wouldn't even waste my time at this point.

  7. For me Path of Exile delivers all I want from an ARPG. I played hundreds of hours. So many builts, content and stuff to do. And its all free. The only thing is the hard endgame that sucks a bit. But for me its a challenge i will master. My best is only lvl90 and its stinks a bit to loose 10% exp at death but till there its much fun.. and much content.

  8. Really a nice list, you really taste good;)

    On the other hand (I am French), I did not understand what you said at the beginning on "Lost Ark": Is there a release date planned for the United States and Europe ?

    Thank you in advance and once again, really a very good choice of ARPG. I subscribe right away 😉

  9. mmo rpg is prone to being shutdown and then unavailbe thus making its place in this list unworthy please remove

  10. I want to try Grim Dawn as I wait for a new POE season, but I find it kind of ridiculous that I have to spend more than I've spent on POE in the past 8 years just to get all the content.

  11. Yea, poe is easily best in class. I respect Diablo because it kind of started the genre, but other than that its a no for me.

  12. The main problem with POE is it not newbie friendly. New player will find the game is extremely hard or too boring at the beginning. The game will start to shine at the mid to endgame.

  13. Thanks, good recomendations here. I wish there it was a deluxe remaster of dungeon siege 1 and two, the games are lame to this time, (very fun when i was a kid) the secrets on these games were the colest.

  14. Did not expect Din's Legacy to be on the list! Soldak games have simple graphics and skill animations but they have unique roguelike arpg gameplay. Not story mode just pure gameplay. All the maps and quests are randomly generated. In Din's Curse and Zombasite you can mix and match skill trees with endless build possibilities. It's fun if you enjoy a single player game with lots of randomness and different skills.


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