Top 10 Upcoming Action RPG games like DIABLO in 2020 | PART 1 of 2


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Upcoming isometric hack and slash ARPG games like Diablo 3, Grim Dawn and Path of Exile.


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Magic: Legends
Tribes of Midgard
Last Epoch


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  1. The UI for wolcen doesnt look like the one i have in game now in April 2020. The one i have looks worse?? How did they manage to make it worse?

  2. Early access is like 2 Euro vodka bottle or plastic bottle vodka… for sure you gonna get a headache. =)

  3. wolcen looks fucking amazing lol, i never got rpg games to be honest and i think diablo its shit in general (im more of a mmorpg player pvper) just too old mechanic wise, and core idea are too dam old too, but wolcen… thats a completly diferent story, judging from that gameplay, mechanics looks awesome (at least in combat) sadly the game will be diablo like wich its trash for me but well, at least they nailed the combat system.
    tribes of midgard looks amazing too.

    rest looks like generic copys of diablo smh..

  4. Ahhh, gaming life was much more fun when there were demos. Instead, early access is a blight on gaming. It basically gives the developer/publisher almost no commitment to finish the product as cash flows in with no clear agenda to support such flow.

  5. if you really want to live life on the edge then move home close to a volcano and then spend all your money on kickstarter early access games


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