Steve Hislop | TT Win #9 | 1992 Isle of Man TT | Senior Race


What a tremendous climax to TT week 1992 when the Isle of Man Senior TT provided a race-long battle between Steve Hislop on the Norton – The White Charger – and Carl Fogarty on the Loctite Yamaha. They swapped the lead practically every lap – and finished up setting a course record lap and the fastest ever speed between them.

At the end of the first lap Carl led Steve by 1.2 seconds with Robert Dunlop (Norton) just 3.4 seconds down in third place – and all three had lapped at over 121mph.

At the end of the second circuit Steve led Carl by 2.8 seconds with Robert some 15 seconds down in third place. By half distance the lead had changed again – Carl had a one second advantage over Steve with Robert still in third place.

Lap four saw Hislop back in front by 7.4 seconds. For the first time in the race the lead did not change at the end of the fifth and penultimate lap – and the gap between first and a second was now 5.4 seconds, with Robert Dunlop still holding on to third, brother Joey having retired on the previous lap.

And so to the final lap – Fogarty set a new absolute lap record in 18 minutes 18.8 seconds equal to 123.61mph. Hislop was just a second slower, and also inside the old record, and took victory by 4.4 seconds to give Norton their first Senior TT win since 1961 and his 9th win at the TT races.

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  1. Saw the Charger at the NMCM last year, it still had the tape on it that was used to direct air to cool the engine

  2. You can tell the speed difference to today’s Superbikes at the TT. Never thought I’d say that but it’s definitely visable

  3. looks like theyre using shots from the formula one race aswell, as indicted by the mudguard reappearing in several shots. the mudguard was removed for the senior race to allow more air intake to cool the engine.

  4. I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful island last summer while on holiday in Ireland. Unfortunately it was a week after the races had ended. Still a surreal and wonderful experience to drive the circuit in my rental car after having seen the race on tv for so many years.

  5. Sadly we won't be able to see how many tt races and motorcycle races Steve hislop would have won with his death in the helicopter crash😢🚁

  6. This video does not show what a sod this bike was to ride ,there is another on board video showing its attempt to throw the rider off it was a truly terrifying sight
    Steve Hislop was a truly brave man to ride it,its very sad he's no longer with us …Rocket Ron Haslam was another rider that was able to tame it mostly on short circuits
    his starts were amazing he used to leave the field standing..those were the days ..Unforgetable

  7. We are so lucky there were cameras around the course to record classic races like this. 28 years ago. It seems like yesterday. I watched this race at 11th milestone. 😆😆😆

  8. Holy crap that is one bad ass bike and rider too this has got to be one of the best racing videos I've ever seen I'm die hard honda v4 but that Norton rotary is unreal the sound is crazy


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