Path of Exile 3.10 – Freezing Pulse Build – Assassin Shadow – Delirium PoE 2020


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01:40 – Equipment
04:57 – My Gameplay Gear
06:38 – Enchantments
06:51 – Anointments
07:01 – Attributes
07:11 – Cosmetics
07:37 – Gems
08:19 – Showcase
09:27 – Skill Tree
10:44 – Ascendancy
11:29 – Pantheon
11:50 – Jewels
12:51 – Bandits
13:07 – Leveling
16:02 – Possible Questions
16:58 – Complete Gameplay

Music: Thor’s Hammer by Ethan Meixsell


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  1. Hello guys! How are you today?

    Here in Brazil today is the Day of the Dead, so let's all remember our loved ones that already left our lives. For me, today is that day to honor the memory of my father, a great man that made me a better person.

  2. I followed step by step and i love the results. But i have a constantly problem i can beat any boss with elemental ress…..i keep dying when i figth with those bosses….sorry my english….hope you can help me with that

  3. in this video , in the leveling section, you have a main 4 links were you put all your gems, but where can i found a 4 link at the beginning? In the video at lvl 18 you already have a 4 link with 4 gems in it, can someone help gettin a 4 link items quick? thank you

  4. not a bad build 🙂 nice dmg, but your tree of abilities is not the same as at 12:29 time and u hav inner conviction and me position is not the same idk where problem but this video not good "tutorial" when next time 12:29 change skill tre

  5. Controlled Destruction doesnt make sense for me, we skilled crit chance. Which would you rather choose as replacement for 5L covenant? Critical Strike Support or Elemental Focus Support?

  6. I changed my mind. Going for this build, looks fucking LUXURIOUS

    Looks to me as a better magma orb lul THANKS POE BUILD , AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY

  7. I have a lot of problem with survivability, i am level 85 and around 4khp and 850es and i die a lot. Any tips?

  8. Dude, you don't accepted me as a user on your homepage? Been waiting a long time now. Btw I like you videos. Keep them coming 😀

  9. Why on earth would you put controlled destruction support in your main setup for a crit based assassin build? Isn't the idea to build critical chance so why would you put something that reduces freezing pulse critical strike chance by 100% ????

  10. So I noticed that you have an insane amount of life regen during gameplay, which I haven't been able to replicate. Can you give us a hint on this?

  11. One question, if i have ice heart on skilltree and i active this pasive on pandemonium, i have this skill twice or only one? Thanks

  12. Hey so im playing this build and have ok items but im getting so much damage from just using freezing pulse. How can i prevent that? It looks like your nor getting this much damage from it

  13. why "controlled" destrucktion in a Crit build… controlled destrucktion is the gem that removes 100% critchance so where im wrong here??


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