Neo PAX Sivir Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Neo PAX Sivir Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Sivir on their Neo PAX Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. This skin is fucking not worth for 10 gems stone ..hell no..!! Totally ugly effects .. Only d Splash art is good..

  2. This skin is just a joke from Riot…
    And we can't have a great futuristic skin for her cause of it
    Infiltrator, Project or Program could have been good choice but now this shit is here and its too late

  3. J'espère que ce skin n'aura pas fait office de nouveau skin pour Sivir. J'aimerais un nouveau skin avec de vrais effets. Ce skin est pour moi clairement une blague de la part de Riot. La nouvelle combinaison est plus sympa que sur le skin de base, mais regardez moi ces cheveux… les vieux skins de Sivir pourraient être biens si ses cheveux étaient pas figés dans une position improbable. Et pis même ses vieux skins sont tellement dégueu on dirait même pas qu'ils ont eu une refonte… Pourtant son skin de base est vraiment canon, c'est vraiment bizarre…

  4. almost every other ADR outclasses this pathetic champ. she also has the most boring dance (along with nocturne) in the game. nothing can make me play this champ, and every skin she has is fugly for me

  5. I have so many skins including all of the PAX & Riot ones from my League days and its just sitting on an unused account, rip

  6. The model is very old, similar to Irelia, so every skin they put on it looks crappy. Rito needs to work on the model.

  7. not worth it… should've made a new skin instead and made it into a hextech exclusive. like the dreadnova and lance zero thing.

  8. even when i had 10 gems and no other Hextec skin to buy i woud spend them for chests and keys and not for that shit

  9. people are butthurt because they don't get "new animations" and shit but that's reallllllyy not the point of this skin. Ofc if they brought back any other rare legacy skin like black alistar or something people would STILLL complain because they think exclusive = better effects.


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