Kingdom Rush: Origins – FULL Game Walkthrough [ALL Levels] 4 Hours (iOS, Android)


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Kingdom Rush: Origins is the third game in the Kingdom Rush franchise developed by Ironhide Game Studio, announced on the 12nd of August 2014 and released on 20th November 2014. It is the prequel to the original Kingdom Rush.

Kingdom Rush: Origins follows the formula of a typical tower-defence game. Placing towers on the side of a path to destroy enemies that appear in predetermined waves, the objective is to defeat all the waves before they reach the end of the path, using the towers and certain abilities. Letting too many enemies through results in a Game Over.

Kingdom Rush expands on the usual set up by using a limited number of tower types, whilst introducing individual units that engage enemies on the path and including bosses. As levels progress new towers and further upgrades are unlocked. Heroes are used as unique units that can be directed around the level. Heroes can gain experience through levels, and will respawn if defeated.

Origins is the prequel to the original Kingdom Rush. The story is set on a southern continent, homeland of the elves. Narrated by King Denas, the story unfolds gradually through information given at the start of each new level as you, the nameless General in the elven forces lead your troops first against a gnoll and Twilight elf incursion through the elven woods to rescue Princess Alleria Swiftwind and let her safely flee to Linirea; then continue through enchanted forests and up to the ruins of the elven First City itself to face against two villains: Malicia, Queen of the Twilight Elves; and Mactans, the ancient Spider Queen as they plot to seize the Tear of Elynie, the ancient power that gave birth to the elven race itself.

The game ends with the defeat of the villains, but they have already managed to corrupt the Tear of Elynie, which falls into the hands of the dark wizard Vez’nan – the first step in his fall from grace from a hero to an evil overlord and the main villain of Kingdom Rush.

Gameplay in Origins is no different to the previous games, allowing players of the previous game to fly straight into playing without needing to familiarise themselves with the set up. The game still includes the same tutorials and explains how things work clearly, so new players can learn quickly.

Starting a new game first offers you a choice of difficulty: Casual, Normal and Veteran. The difficulty changes the Hit Points (or HP) of the enemies. The difficulty level can also be changed individually on each level. Each level is represented on a map of the Frontiers, which are briefed with a basic idea of what to expect before you can begin the level. There are three types of game modes. The default and main mode is Campaign, the story mode of the game. After a stage is beaten with a 3-star rating on Campaign mode, two more modes are unlocked: Heroic Challenge and Iron Challenge. These new modes offer different types of challenges, by changing the waves, enemies or towers available.

A completed level is awarded stars based on how successfully it has been played. The number of lives remaining determines how many stars are awarded, with three for almost none (18-20 lives remaining), two for an average play (17-6 remaining) and one for poor play (5-1 remaining). Failing to keep any lives will result in defeat. Both Heroic and Iron Challenges have only 1 life, and beating the modes award 1 star each.

Stars can then be used on Upgrades. Each upgrade requires between 1 and 4 stars and have a permanent effect on towers and spells. Upgrades can be bought and reset at any point during the game, allowing you to pick and choose the best upgrades for each level until you have enough Stars to buy all of them.

Heroes: faustus, bravebark, vez’nan, xin, prince denas, reg’son, catha, arivan, eridan

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  1. I’m here from the future :D. And to let you know. There will only be kingdom rush: vengeance after this and then maybe never another kingdom rush in the future 🙁

  2. this took place when denas was a prince. wait hol up-
    also, the hero for the original kingdom rush, aleeria swift wind, might have been a lesser warrior. i dont see many hints, but i guess.
    vez'nan isnt evil in this version im too confused for this

  3. domino master030,this is kingdom rush origins,they say for the queen,in kingom rush,they say for the king,you are a fool domino master030

  4. You know what
    The most beautiful that make Kingdom Rush Origins no. 1 for me is because the birds flying in the background!

  5. Are the spider and the dark lord supposed to resemble Melkor and Ungoliant from the Lord of the Rings Prequel The Silmarillion? And the statue would be the two trees then.

  6. Wow. I downloaded the game today, but I think this is very hard, so I decided to came here and watch this video :v


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