KING KONG Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD] – No Commentary


KING KONG Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full KING KONG Gameplay on Xbox 360. This KING KONG Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the Xbox 360 and will include the full Campaign.


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Working very closely with Peter Jackson and Wingnut Films, Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio (Beyond Good & Evil), its Montreal studio (Splinter Cell), and game director Michel Ancel have created a game reflecting the visual interpretation, character dynamics and dramatic narrative of Jackson’s epic take on the classic King Kong story. In this epic adventure, you will experience the fateful legend of Kong from the perspective of both man and beast. Survive Skull Island as unwitting hero Jack Driscoll in first-person shooting action, and unleash the staggering power of the 25-foot-tall King Kong in third-person action sequences. Use everything in the jungle to your advantage, exploiting the natural food chain of the prehistoric predators and grabbing objects from the environment to kill those hunting you.

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  1. Life Is Strange 2 full walkthrough on wednesday!

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  2. Man, I searched for a longplay and only found shit quality vids. Leave it to MK to do the job right… Thanks, takes me back!

  3. Just watched the film on netflix, now I'm watching this in lockdown! Memories! Slightly concerned everyone saying they were 7 and scared playing this…I was 15 and having nightmares about the millipedes and velociraptors coming at me.

  4. Bullets info :
    Sniper rifle – 1x for small dinosaurs, bats, and crabs(If you make a better shot in their head), 2x for centipedes (Often 1 shot in their head).

    Shotgun – 3x effectiveness for medium-size dinosaurs(Can be only 2 shot if it possible), 1 shots for crabs, centipedes, bats, and small dinosaurs (Can be multiple if it accurate)

    Luger(Pistol) – 2 shot for crabs, 2 centipedes (Accurated on head and maybe 3 for the body), 2 shot for bats and one shot for small dinosaurs.

    Tommy gun (SMG) – accurate for all creatures, except scorpions

    Spears and bones : More accurate with spears (With fire or not). Extremely accurate with spears and bones to scorpions

    Scorpions have a high difficulties, so don't waste your bullets for.

    Spears with fire – 2x accuracy for medium-size dinosaurs and 1x centipede.

    This information from my experience self and try it by yourself

  5. The scariest thing on this game is the player. Terrible, he(you) don’t pay attention to the details. Always in a hurry and not gonna even start to talk about the aiming. Enjoy the game, please! Don’t do it like a time challenge. You’re welcome!

  6. It's been 15 years honestly needs a new rework or sum this game is legendary I was 5 when this was released memories

  7. Such great memmories with this, remember playing the game back in 2006 on the X360… Its a shame i couldnt beat it because fucking Jack kept dying out of nowhere in the path before the bridge at 1:17:46 no matter how many times i tried to pass, he would just die, so I got tired and decided to stop trying. Now I know what I missed!! 2/3 of the game!, thanks for this!

  8. The scariest part of the game is where jack is alone with spear and there's a bunch of long neck dino (sorry idk the name of the dino in that game i only know vestatosaurus) and u must take a fire and burn some leaf but there's also raptor chasing you down

  9. Fuck man, all the memories on Xbox 360 when I used to play, was shit scared whenever I saw big asf creatures and everytime I encountered King Kong. Best Memories man 🙌🏽 I Must Buy this game again.

  10. I loved this game i played it on my ps2 and i remember i was always scared of the V rex, I think this was back in 2012

  11. I remember playing when I was little, it used to be my favorite game and still is. Used to scare the crap out of me at some points though. Still a great game!😃😃😃

  12. My dad and I just saw a screening of the original 1933 King Kong film.
    Despite its lack of color, high definition, and low quality visual effects, it was still a pretty interesting film. The 2008 remake borrows a lot of elements from the original plot: determined/crazy filmmaker charts ship, crew, and random girl to mysterious island to make a prize winning film; filmmaker and crew encounters tribe of islanders who see girl as the perfect offering to Kong; islanders sneak onto ship and kidnap the girl; crew chases after Kong to save the girl and encounter monstrous prehistoric creatures; Kong defends girl from predators; girl manages to escape from Kong with brave love interest; Kong chases after girl and attacks village of islanders; filmmaker gasses Kong and takes him to New York in chains to display him to the public; Kong breaks his chains and rampages through city to find the girl; finds girl and climbs to the top of the Empire State Building; airplanes fire at Kong; Kong swats at planes but is soon wounded and bleeding; Kong chooses to put girl safely down, then succumbs to his wounds and falls to his death; film ends with the filmmaker saying "No, it wasn't the planes. It was Beauty that killed the beast."
    The biggest difference between the original and the remake (besides the actors and CGI effects) is that in the original the girl only saw Kong as a giant monstrous beast that wanted to hold her captive; the remake, however, shows the girl developing compassionate feelings towards the great ape for protecting her from danger.

    It's amazing how much one classic film can have such a long lasting impact on the film industry even today.

  13. Man did you play it on PSP or something different…(i played this game when i was small,and a can remember a was so scared).

  14. Why dose jack only talk in the ps2 version but not in the Xbox version I am not sure about the GameCube version though

  15. 2:12:00 – 2:12:20 this happened to me so many times when I played this on PS2 🤣 I’d get so pissed off because I’m already terrified by the damn T-Rex following me and my anxiety was through the roof 😂 but then this shit happens😒 (When I would go back and replay the missions of course)😅

  16. This game was soooooo ahead of its time in 2006. This takes me back straight to elementary school lol hands down one of the best games from childhood 🔥🔥🔥

  17. So so many memories of playing this right after seeing the movie a few weeks earlier in 2005. I was so frightened by the eerie atmosphere and just immersed throughout. Such an excellent game.


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