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How To Easily Repaint Furniture on a budget without sanding! A DIY project for Beginners using Rust-Oleum Transformations Kit

We’ve had our kitchen table for about 6 years and it is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. I didn’t realize having furniture professionally refinished or painted would cost an arm and a leg so I set off to find a Do-It-Yourself solution for our beloved table.

The solution I found was with the Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations kit. Rust-Oleum offers a Furniture Transformation and a Cabinet Transformation kit. They are pretty much the same kit, except the cabinet transformation contains twice as much paint and supplies and also costs twice as much. At the time of this video, the Furniture Transformation kit was around $35 while the Cabinet Transformation kit was around $70. When I went to buy my kit, they did not have a Furniture kit for light colors so I had to pick up the Cabinet kit.

I did end up sanding my table because the paint on the top of our table was flaking off but the Rust-Oleum kit says you do not need to sand with their Transformations kit. Personally, I think this kit works better without sanding because the paint adheres better to a finished surface.

I chose to paint my table in the color Pure White but there are a lot of colors you can choose from with their kits. The paint does need to be mixed at the store so you just need to tell someone at whatever store you are purchasing your kit from which color you would like and they will customize your kit for you.

For more information on the Rust-Oleum Transformations Kit visit:
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  1. I'm so thankful to see this video in a BuzzFeed article (17 beginning tutorials for hobbies you've always wanted to start) because I bought a used dining room table that needs some love and I just wasn't sure what was the best way to go about it plus I have a couple end tables that could use some sprucing. Really love your results.

  2. funny I have a very similar table and wanted to paint in white and here you are with a very good explanation … thank you

  3. Thank you for this! I've been trying to find the perfect desk, but i've want a combination of finishes. This is super helpful and will help me do DIY to get what I want!

  4. On your case repainting was needed, I don't agree with painting ALL furniture! Some people get out of control with the chalk paint. You did very well! Thanks for sharing!👍🏾

  5. Please do a makeup and hair video. Your makeup and hair is gorgeous! Btw, your video helped me refinish a cubby storage.

  6. Hi! I have the exact same table, so I’m really considering using this kit as well, considering your table came out sooo good. What’d you do with the chairs?

  7. I liked the video..thanks for sharing….i would you to visit :…its about how to paint furniture with floral designs

  8. people stop acting like little bitches for the titile…you DO NOT NEED TO SAND. soo skip that fkin step she added into the video. she still added in sanding letting you know you can still sand even if it says NO sanding required..i dont get how you dont not understand that?? anyways nice job! going to look into this for sure


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