How To Convert MP4 To AVI Format Using VLC Media Player – Convert MP4 To AVI With VLC Media Player


How To Convert MP4 To MP3 Format Using VLC Media Player, This video about how to convert mp4 to avi, vlc media player is most popoler media player software, In this video we are sharing very easy method for converting mp4 to avi file.

♦♦♦♦♦♦ Convert Mp4 To AVI Using VLC Media Player ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ Open your vlc media player, click media option, then click convert/save option,
♦ Select the Video file, which you want to convert.
click convert/save.

♦ Now click on setting icon, edit selected profile, salect avi format, then click save button.
♦ Now Go To Browse button, and chose a location where you want to save your avi file, and give a new name for the avi file, don’t forget to write .avi, and click on save button.
♦ Finally, click on the start button.


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  1. The only slight problem I had was that when I wanted to select my output file, VLCMP suggested the .MP4 extension for the filename instead of the intended .AVI, even though I had just created a new profile for making .AVI's. I thought that was a bit odd, but I just cut off the .MP4, replaced it with .AVI, and the conversion process went fine. My .MP4 clip was taken from Grand Prix Legends at 1280×720 res, captured with the Win10 Game Bar. It was 3:46 long, it took about a minute to convert it, and the video and audio quality of the output .AVI was excellent. The file size decreased significantly: .MP4 127MB -> .AVI 95MB. Thanks for the tips!
    (FYI this comment was written 1st June 2020 with VLC MP version 3.0.10, running on Win10 64-bit.)

  2. It does not work well, after converting the file was still mp4 and not avi. Tried other formats too with the same effect. If you need mp4 to avi just use free online converter like ZAMZAR

  3. I just tried this and it lost the volume in the converted file plus it became double the size. This hasnt worked as intended

  4. the avi file created is of poor quality compared to the source file.

    Also it rotated the picture by 90 degrees. I needed it as it was in the application I was using, (Leadbeater Interactive) and there's no way of rotating it back.


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