Freezing Season 3 Will It Happen?


A look at the Anime Freezing and its chances of a Season 3!
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  2. If there is enough manga material for episode 3 then why not?
    If the fan base is large enough they can crowed fund a season 3

    There is also a bit of an issue when it comes to sales.
    If Movies and books today don't have a bedroom scene or someone naked then it fails to sell. However Freezing is accually so good that it didn't need that material or clothing malfunction in combat.

    Naturally die hard fans who are purest want to stick to the story line in every detail. No line changes or edditing.

    Times are changing and people are returning back to old fashioned values so this may be a time to create the same type of cool Anime without nudity. It makes sense from a marketing point of view.

    The way things are at the moment writers are between a rock and a hard place.

    Those are my views and I hope it helps and has backers of a crowd funding season 3 you have the right to say what goes into the Anime.
    I have a feeling season 3 Freezing
    Will be true to the Manga series.

  3. I hate evil 👿Luis raptist monster pig pervert sex slave evil Luis unforgivable you no brother (you not my brother) true nature ugly bullying black sheep still a scumbag shitbag asshole victim I want to see Luis kill offscreen or kill off for real anime and new manga ( he did not redeem in the anime 👎)still no excuse what you done to poor sweet Satellizer also I hate violet) 😡😡😡no more karma houndni ever😡 please author I want to see evil Luis kill offscreen forever please ??

  4. I just finished watching freezing

    I Need A Season 3 I want it to happen plz let it Get more fans and let’s beg for a season 3

  5. well I already read the manga two years ago but still ongoing before s I don't really know the ending of this but I guess it will never have an ending cuz I tried searching it again after two years wtf they never even continued the manga the episode where I left is still d ending I saw 😂😂😂

  6. I want a season 3 but it's been so long now already. I'm starting to get tired of getting into good Anime series and it stops at just 12 or 24 episodes. I know the main focus is on the manga but my first impression is based on the anime.

  7. I love the anime and have all the mangas up to date. And i agree with the realistic expectation of a season 3 happening i would love to get it if it ever happens. But one of the things a lot of people forget is the full arc of a manga has to be complete before they even think about turning it into an anime. And it could be more than one arc line in a manga that needs to be completed in order to do that. Ive noticed that the arc lines in the freezing manga after the E-Pandora arc line which would be season 2 of the anime have become a lot shorter compared to the E-pandora Arc And the arc line before that. Im just thinking that finishing the manga maybe their top priority and then maybe they will possibly start thinking about making a season 3. but this is my personal opinion and theory on a possibility a 3rd season

  8. I think there waiting for manga sales in Japan to hit a good point to where they can animate another season a lot of ppl say it won't cuz season 2 didn't sell as much as season 1 but there are plenty of shows that sold terribly that ended up getting another season take Aria the scarlet ammo for example sales was bad didn't get a season 2 till 2015 many years later so I think personally once more money comes in from the manga there will be a 50/50 chance of getting a season 3 and the arc they'll animate from the manga will blow both season 1 and 2 out the water because a lot happens in it 😊that's just my thoughts on it though

  9. I'm such a big fan of freezing I own both limited edition seasons 1 and 2 plus all the manga I think it will get a season 3


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