Freezing Pulse(Deadeye) w/ Beltimbers


[ Clearspeed Showcase only ]

Hey guys 😉 Here’s a random build that i wanted to try since beginning of the league~ wanna try freezing pulse with some op projectile speed, so i go for deadeye ~ turned out pretty awesome, but quite bad on single-target(probably invested too less on damage) ~ but it would work if u throw in some currencies 🙂 Anyway, i like the clearspeed, literally BOOM everything! *Btw, don’t worry, this is not the “last surprise” build 😉 Stay tune!


// Build Overview //
– Pierce and Shatter everything
– Off-screen machine gun
– Fast & Satisfying clearspeed
*Not recommended for beginners (due to lack of strong sustain – (nerfed)warlord’s mark

// Stronger version (Boss-killer viable) //
– Use dual wield Wands/sceptre with spell damage
– Watcher (Hatred mods)
– Rings (get good stats with – cold damage leeched as life)

Cheers, exiles !


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  1. ik this comment is a bit late, but i litearlly cannot figure out, how your cast speed is so high, and since freezing pulse is a spell, how does it work with swords?

  2. Korean user.

    Watch your video

    Freeze Wave Dead Eye.

    The current damage is very low, how can you increase it?

    I would like to change if you will answer.

    Leave the current POB.

    I photographed two nodes of ash, frost, and typhoon.

  3. can i ask a Q about this build, how do you Leech so fast Energy Sheald ?`what item do that or is it a skill only ?


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