Does your computer have bad memory? How To Use Memtest 86 – Step By Step Walk-through



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  1. one of my mem dimms was dead after a power loss. 🙁 also the AIO pump and also the mboard 🙁 . I was using 1151 6/7 gen for 6700k , was a struggle to find a motherboard but got a z270 instead of the regular z170 i used .

  2. This has helped me so much! After a week of pinpointing why my pc keeps on crashing i finally found out that one of my RAM sticks has a problem. 8 errors popped out on test 8 for me. Thank you very much for this tutorial! You've earned a subscriber!

  3. Very good guide i tried using windows memory diagnostics and it seems to give me false negatives because i tried it with all of the sticks on a single dim slot and they all came out clear with no errors as soon as i try again with 4 sticks it gives me errors memtest86 seems more reliable and shows more than windows diagnostics does

  4. Thank you for your video! I saw that on your end says "31.8 GB" of RAM. On mine it displays 29.9 while having also 32 gb installed. I bough some used extra 16 gb but I am afraid they are damaged. My computer now stutters a bit while playing Crossout. That didn't happen while having only 16 gb. Could anyone please help?

  5. pretty happy i found that video, i'm looking forward to OC my ram that is currently at 2133mhz and i hope you've done this on your channel cause me dumb, me need crystal clear explanations like those

  6. Very nicely done! I’m scanning now…. waiting….. waiting….. waiting…. hmm like watching paint dry….. waiting… ok I’m going for a walk…. Thanks again!


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