AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa (Vietnam): impressions & review


Read here my review of Avani Quy Nhon:

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  1. In all your video small text is very informative but not staying to read whole line, I request you to please give delay to read whole text, Thank you Sir

  2. did u enjoy the cooking class and were u able to replicate the same at home?love those lamps at the end of the video…nice video thanks for sharing

  3. Superbe réception pleine de lumière en 1.01. Et impressionnante perspective vers le rocher. En 1.17, magnifique !
    Lumineux aussi, le salon autour du billard.
    6.57 simple et lumineux. Super aussi vraiment tout ce cadre autour de la piscine 7.29 à 7.43. Ca doit être une merveilleuse expérience de nager là.
    Fantastique et accueillante cette table sur la plage en 19.45. Et ces nems, ça fait vraiment envie.
    Ce marché traditionnel vers la fin vraiment très sympa
    25.35 plein de couleurs. C'est beau, c'est lumineux.
    Et ces rouleaux du printemps faits avec des produits tout juste rapportés du marché local, ça doit être quelque chose !
    Une impression générale de fraîcheur, de lumière. Superbe endroit !
    Merci pour cette visite !

  4. Have you ever been to Australia I'm aware that we're no where close to what you have experienced but the country will blow you away and while you do listen to
    Great Southern Land by Icehouse and you will get a feel for the place 🇦🇺🙌🏻🌹🌹🌹

  5. Defenately the Beach. Being on the Ocean is the best way to spend a vacation. A good mixture of relaxing at the beach, wakeboarding/waterskiing and fitness and doing some excursions is a perfect mix for me.

  6. This is the least impressive resort in your Vietnam series but still a beautiful resort. Quy Nhon is a beautiful seaside small city, kinda sleepy. The bay view will be better if those fishing boats are not there….they obstruct the view.

  7. Thx for the video TLTE,you have no ideia how involved i become when i'm watching your videos,feels like i'm watching asmr videos.

  8. Thank you for the phenomenal film, felt like I had been there already! I have a partly disabled partner and wondered if the room wings have lifts and if in your opinion it would be a good place for someone who may need to use a stick to walk. Also,how is it getting to the hotel – how far from the nearest international airport? Thank you 🙂

  9. I noticed that tone of green and orange color are used in most of the hotels you have featured in Vietnam, is there a reason behind that?

  10. Another great video. Many thanks. I was there in 2012 before the refurbishment. They did a good job with refurbishment as everything seems more cheerful. I share a link to a little photo slide show of a very nice mini resort that friends of mine put up just across the bay called the Haven. In fact looking across the bay from my friend's place one can see Avani and it can be seen in my slideshow (I believe Avani was called Life Resort back then).


  11. How do you do the thing where the globe moves according to where you travel, life from Dubai to amesterdam

  12. I would rather be near the ocean.
    That is a busy bay! Lots of boat activity. And the market obviously is thriving. So it's a good stable area. The rooms here are not as large or overly furnished. Still nicely done.

  13. No red suitcase this trip but another amazing property … the views were amazing. It looks like it would be very crowded if the hotel was busy though. These recent videos make me want to visit Vietnam.

  14. It amazes me that in most of these food markets, it's Vietnamese women operating them.
    In my opinion, Vietnamese women are some of the most enterprising, most hardest working people in the world.

  15. I love this charming place! Great that you got to visit an authentic Vietnamese market place and learn some local cooking techniques. Rice paper is very tricky! Love those squiggling eels at the market–eel is something I have yet to try. I guess Red was lounging on the inviting beach while you filmed this vid 😉 Loved the fishing boats, too. Oh, and I'll take the ocean over the mountains for the most part, but a mountain lake is a good thing.


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