Army Men 3D Walkthrough


Army Men 3D walkthrough. Difficulty: Hard. All levels covered. New feature: 60fps support.
This is an altered version / reupload. The original contained 20 seconds of ambient sounds which were owned by third party. Sigh.

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:10 Bootcamp
0:21:39 Desert – Depot Run
0:25:49 Desert – Spy Hunt
0:36:01 Desert – Drive By Rescue
0:49:05 Desert – Comm Down
1:07:39 Desert – The Key
1:21:47 Desert – Dry Gulch
1:33:15 Alpine – Downed Chopper
1:43:56 Alpine – Lumber Strike
1:58:56 Alpine – Mining Camp
2:03:57 Alpine – Race to the Lake
2:14:00 Alpine – Tan Express
2:19:53 Alpine – Train Station
2:30:56 Alpine – Prison Break
2:40:20 Bayou – Weapon Plant
2:49:03 Bayou – Colonel’s Mansion
2:56:04 Bayou – Bridge Battle
3:05:55 Bayou – Bourbon Street
3:18:56 Bayou – City of the Dead
3:24:30 Outro (muted due to copyright)

Captured at 1440x1080p x32CSAA, 15-60fps.

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  1. What a game and memories!! My God. I used to play it when I was 10-12 years. Now i'm 26 and there is a pandemia of Corona…. excellent moment to play it again.

  2. this brings back so many good mems from 1st and 2nd grade… coming home from school on a Friday and playing this with my dad and brother. Holy hell this game was hard.

  3. Man, what an odd game this was. It was REALLY heavy on atmosphere, and it's like, you're a plastic soldier? Maybe this was supposed to be a game with an actual soldier but for different reasons they just went with the recognizable army men brand name?

    I dunno, an odd game. Not bad, just I found its unique combination of "toys but what if in a gritty, almost survival shoot game."

  4. I remember playing this every New Years at my uncles house when I was a kid my cousins and I would play for hours and we would play the 1v1 mode and whoever got the flamethrower was pretty much invincible


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