Anantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa (Bali, Indonesia): full tour


Join me on a full tour of the Anantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa. Read my review of this resort (with pros, cons, & tips) here:

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  1. The Anantara Resort in Uluwatu, Bali is very modern and contemporary resort with beautiful oceanfront and amazing pool area with breathtaking views.

  2. Très belle vidéo sur les très beau ressort étape a Bali,seychelle,et les maladies
    Bonne vidéo également pour les avions et businesse classe ,Singapour air Lin

  3. Aren't the monkeys a nuisance? I remember encountering them in Malaysia, and they were very aggressive and would come right up and try to steal your food.

  4. i think you have to visit Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Island which wins best hotel in the world 2016 & 2017

  5. In menu, on every dish besidesa number has been written like 40,100 etc. what is that ? Is this price or gram available for serve ?

  6. Great videos!!! I’m planning my honeymoon in Bali for October and trying to find two destinations to split my time. This was one of them…very helpful!!! I’m thinking of uluwatu and ubud with day trips/excursions to seminyak and nusa penida. If you have any recommendations that would be wonderful!!

  7. amo seus vídeos…as músicas…a delicadeza das sinto ali no local…as sensações…parece que sinto até os cheiro do lugar….o menu…..tudoo..você é demais…..sou sua fã brasileira …muito muito obrigada…parabéns..congratulations!!

  8. I just have to say sir, your camera work is exquisite, it would look equally as great in an "IMAX" forum as it looks on tv". Thank you sir for sharing your life with those of us who are lucky enough to have found you!!👍🍷

  9. This is the best review format i have ever seen.
    Dr HOLIDAY should be your TAG!
    Your videos are awesome, to say the least.
    I am in OZ, and are constantly gob smacked by your uploads.
    Keep it coming Dr HOLIDAY!!

  10. Hey Doc–Been following u for awhile but yesterday was first time I 'binge-watched'. Keep up the good work!
    I am a professional party planner and I also love to nice that u can share the passion with others. Beautiful family btw..what an incredible experience for the kids! Stay safe.

  11. Another amazing hotel review! Thank you for taking us with you on your adventures! Unlike the negative comments, I think the hotel has a relaxing vibe to it 😄 I hope you had a great time!

  12. Do you plan on exploring South America anytime soon? At the Fasano in Rio de Janeiro right now, I think you’d really like it

  13. Another magnificent paradise. What I like most about this resort is the contemporist architecture of the entire place. It indeed reflects the modern Miami Beaches. Wonderful place indeed.

  14. I'm still love Riviera Maya. We have a lot of destinations in Mexico. Food, places, culture, beaches, everything. Thanks for your videos. They are amazing

  15. Marry me please. I'm 35, doctor, I speak Spanish and English, I have a certification in Tui Na. I like to travel and I'm cook. I love your job. 😘 Elizabeth.

  16. I am crying when you shown dewa dewi, the place when i married with my beautiful wife, she passed away 2 years ago after cervical cancer takes her life

  17. Love! Thank you for amazing inspirational content. Winning to travel here would make 2 humble genuine people very happy. I would love to write about you and promote you in all of my travel channels. Love and blessings, Monxx


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