10 Minutes "BEST PRO PLAYS" in League of Legends

🔹 10 Minutes “BEST PRO PLAYS” in League of Legends
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➥ outro: Vexento – Lonely Dance
➥ Disappeared – On Fire
➥ Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release]
➥ Sk-Hall & Ludwiig – New Beginning [NCS Release]
➥ JURGAZ & QV!N – Pure
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23 thoughts on “10 Minutes "BEST PRO PLAYS" in League of Legends”

  1. u really gotta evaluate your life if you playing this, imagine what i'm in need of having click on it.. 😐

  2. Hey if you wanna check out my newest song on my channel I’d love that. If you like Zelda or maple story music I guarantee you will love this song

  3. Cringe music ruins the video, embarrassment-shivers running up and down our bodies as we listen to this obvious drivel

  4. They skilled move with ryze it was at they last season, now they "pro plays" its just press R or just auto attack against bronze player like this camille

  5. I grt wuadra kill with yasuo like this situation i did asaki snd ulti snd i ulti 4 peoples snd all for died

  6. COMPROVADO: O Melhor Guia Para Sair do Elo Hell e Finalmente Chegar ao Diamante em Apenas 90 Dias

  7. Prefiero el regnumOnline es dificil levear para ser lvl maximo pero es mas divertido y es en 1era persona , y lo mejor de todo es que es Argentino , Aguante Syrtis (El Guasson bb & Rodri ssj)

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